Monday, January 30, 2006

Barking Time

For a "Tiger," who likes birds and is married to "Monkey" (all wrong! just like mixing a Cancer and Sagittarius - what were they thinking!?!?), the Year of the Dog, which began Sunday, sounds a bit scruffy and ankle-biting.

A wolf, I can respect more. However, for those who want to pretend to follow a lunar calendar, the dog's domesticated status symbolically means a year of home-life harmony.

The dog's blind loyalty will bring exactly what the world has been missing (I'm sure) - more patriotism. Can't have a secure home or homeland without feeling all bursting-hearted and proud.

Supposedly, the dog also possesses rigid willpower and an unbending sense of justice. Yes! More righteousness! Please!

The site I'm lifting this from says these traits will lead to some major confrontation, but that the winner will be from the weaker side. What does that mean, the meek shall inherit the earth before next January? Or that non-nuclear nations will finally get some cake to eat after America et. al. have been making icing bombs for decades?

The site itself lifted the information from The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau (published by Arrow Books Limited), by the way, and continues to promote this silly dog by promising unselfish behavior for all during his reign. Dismal and stable, wow, I can hardly wait for the treasures 2006 may bring.

So far the "don't use credit cards" and "stop eating crap" mandates have not held.

Better go to obedience school. Ever try to keep a dog from eating crap?


hearmysong said...

icing bombs. priceless.

Susan said...

you kill me. plus I completely forgot to add "stop eating crap" to my list but instead had eaten even more of it than ever. dang!