Thursday, May 31, 2007


The best part about today was this goat, which lives on 14th Terrace. It's bleating for someone to let it into the duplex, which is, by the way, for sale by owner.

It's across from this place, so, you know.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If everything

happens that can't be done,
Consolation: it's gone to e-mail.
The Post Office can kiss their stamps.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's like

. . .a burger in the morning. . .

This would be 19th and The Paseo around 9 a.m.

But that was days ago, not appropriate in a "blogsphere."

I'm not happy about living in made-up spheres. The Biosphere project, it's not going so well.

The regular, natural one is unknow-able at best.

I had a fifth-grade teacher, a squat and squinty-faced School Sister of Notre Dame,whose flabby 60-something's waddles of triceps would wiggle as she hoisted a globe, plucked off of its arc-shaped holder, and spun it jerkily in the air while over-enunciated the word "sphere," which I shall never, ever spell incorrectly, and talked about rotation and revolution and what it was to be a sphere.

Science and Catholicism can get along. Of course, all the nutritional information in the world hasn't influenced this stranger. Sphere-belly, anyone? (Says the woman who has been known to stop for Sonic corndogs at 9 a.m. herself.)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


No, not the stationary cycling class. I have no time for structured exercise. I'll talk to you about that when I have heart disease in 10-50 years.

This is what happened today at 8 a.m., but not to me. Just nearby.

Of course, if I had tons o' blogging time, I could rattle off every other "near miss" that has happened to me this week alone due to people (like the driver of the white car), who don't seem to know how to cross traffic, follow rules, be three seconds' more patient, etc.

Let me tell you there was no screeching of brakes. Just the boom.

PS - The two people in the silver car were not dying or dead, but did have to be cut out. Their heads were wrapped up, but I'm hoping that the "slowness" of the extraction means they are going to be fine. Sorry there are no great shots of the smashed up front of the white car. Thank you, KCFD. (Just as they finished here, they sirened off to another emergency, too.)