Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is loved

for something she didn't do —

and never will.

Perceptitron flies away back to the Transformer Planet … Skwooooosch … (!)

PS, on an unrelated note, was promised a free (RESTAURANT) dinner if she wasn't pregified by age 35 and/or lamenting unchildness. Am well on way to 36.5: FEEEED ME, Seymour. Don't make me use your real name online : )

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

after all

barking dog across the street
who seems to have no day-life

never saw you take a walk
hardly see your owner

he likely heard me just now
clicking to you, getting your attention

from 50 feet away
acknowledging that you

are doing no good
are likely cold and bored

and that there can't be that much going on
at your other fence to woof about

just that
'you're driving everyone crazy around here.'

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Current fan club

These are my Blog Followers; I don't know any of them. They all seem random, anonymous (haven't contacted or commented) and innocuous. Discuss:




Cezar Aldana Davila


nashakasha (x2)

Luanna Manuella

kaylin marie



The Independent Rage

Punk Johnny Cash



نجاة يوسف

Life is cheep

I miss that cat,

and that cat,

and that one.

I miss that parakeet,

that one,

and that one, especially.

No birds of mine have died

in 13 years.

But two cats in two have gone.

Thirteen years ago

a human life ceased.

The contrasts of effort still puzzle me.

Crush a roach,

usher a spider or wasp,

bury an unknown pigeon.

Rip out a rose bush,

Slash at raspberry canes full of thorns,

Preserve the weed someone mentioned was akin to spinach.

Eat dead cow,

dead chicken,

dead pig.

Save puppy-mill pups,

crazy-cat-lady hoarded felines,

use erratic capitalization.