Tuesday, November 16, 2010

after all

barking dog across the street
who seems to have no day-life

never saw you take a walk
hardly see your owner

he likely heard me just now
clicking to you, getting your attention

from 50 feet away
acknowledging that you

are doing no good
are likely cold and bored

and that there can't be that much going on
at your other fence to woof about

just that
'you're driving everyone crazy around here.'


hearmysong said...

with what were you clicking?

he belongs in my office, with the guy who hums, the woman who crunches carrots, and the men upstairs who are doing construction. it's my own little circle of hell!

Applecart T. said...

just myself / that noise you make to get animals' attention.

it's just stupid when people leave dogs out who are chronic barkers / bored out of their doggie minds / not barking AT anything but themselves.

i'm sure the neighbors are now thinking of me as the weird woman who ran across the street in socks at 11 at night … i wasn't loud or anything … i was just curious to see where he lived (since i've heard him go on and on before) … i asked him "what's wrong, dog?" to access dog-himself, i would have to walk across neighbor's front lawn to the backyard fence. won't be doing that.

Hyperblogal said...

Just socks? Yikes.