Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is loved

for something she didn't do —

and never will.

Perceptitron flies away back to the Transformer Planet … Skwooooosch … (!)

PS, on an unrelated note, was promised a free (RESTAURANT) dinner if she wasn't pregified by age 35 and/or lamenting unchildness. Am well on way to 36.5: FEEEED ME, Seymour. Don't make me use your real name online : )


hearmysong said...

dear god, it wasn't me, was it?

pom. said...

I am always so happy to be back to reading your blog!! I love your writing and am always just away in la la land not on an actual curb girl hiatus and it's so fun to read you. hi!

Applecart T. said...

no, not you!

at this time, i can't recall what it was i did / was loved for that didn't happen.

but it's still fun to read, right?

at least, i am here.

and, unlike so many paper-based journals i have kept over the (decades), i don't feel all the regretful about these.

(it's probably b/c the intended audience is not exclusively private; we all seem to do better when we have an audience of some kind. we are social animals, as much as some of us ((ME)) try to avoid/deny it.)