Friday, March 31, 2006

Such care

can be found on Kansas City's boulevards.

This is a catch basin on Van Brunt (at Thompson).

Newspapers, mucky leaves, trash. . . .

The city has trucks that vacuum these up every so often, but, hello? Homeowners? Give a crap? Didn't think so.


Eric said...

Yeah the city can't do everything. Some if is up to homeowners and residents to take care of, unless you want the city to double taxes and post litter police on every block.

Cool blog, BTW.

trAcy said...

i AM the litter police!

: )

thanks for reading/commenting/complimenting.

btw, i'm scared to ride bicycles (re: your blog, which is also very handy. will show to cyclist friends of kc)

Godknows said...

There is same problem in Viet Nam too. thanks for sharing.

frog pajamas said...

heh. i just posted a small solution to this problem in my blog. it really is disgusting that people won't take pride in their homes and their city.