Friday, May 26, 2006


I saw this fax that a "last-minute" candidate had been "added to the mix" of four finalists who want to see what they can do with the "I-wouldn't-send-my-kid-there" Kansas City, Mo. public school system, and I thought surely Tony's Kanas City would be all over this Anthony Amato fellow, who grew up under just a single mother in the Bronx in the 50s.

I'm pretty sure he's working on it, though, because he's always saying how the KCMSD needs Latino leadership and all.

And I'm not sparkly enough to make fun of how in 2003 Amato and his wife adopted three cute kids because they like kids, just when the New Orleans school system under his control was about to blame him for the political and financial mess that district was in.

At least he got out before Katrina, eh?

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