Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Name that feeling you get when you run across a toy or dress or car you used to have but now is represented in a museum or exhibit or "antique show."

Nostalgia-shock? Garage-sale regret? The quote of recognition is about the same for everyone: "I used to have one of those!" Mass-produced items produce a strange solidarity.

There's the whole flood of sensory memories that come along, too. Like with this Fisher Price camper set, under glass and taunting me with Little People whom I miss as finger-smooth plastic faux inhabitants of the brick patio, the shady clover-speckled back yard, the summertime cool basement.

Of course, the kids of today only have fat, chunky Little People to play with, because somewhere sometime someone was stupid enough to try to swallow their plastic friends.

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hearmysong said...

and that feeling only intensifies if you have kids and you find yourself paying four times the amount for a toy you actually used to own. etch-a-sketch, little people, cabbage patch dolls, my little pony, baseball mitts, ez bake ovens (which are no longer lightbulb powered, i'm told), lite brite, etc., etc.