Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1320-22 Admiral

The boulevard seemingly named after a ship's supercaptain could use some steering.

I spent some time watching an apartment fire on Admiral at Lydia early this afternoon.

While the fire department's investigation won't be official for three days, the story on the street is that crack heads were trying to force out the two people charged with "securing" the empty building these past three months while the property owner, who's "out of money" in midst of renovatons of some kind, found some kind of buyer.

Apparently, when some people want a vacant place to do their drugs and lay their hoes, they get it. No matter how many times the buildings were boarded up and locked down, the squatters came back.

Threats, assaults, the usual baloney, and today a fire-starter lobbed through the window, an apartment unit burned out, and the whole place shut down.

"Anyone who goes in them now will be arrested." - KCFD

The two people who lost all their stuff were slightly pleased at the hint at extra vigilance, given the fact that the police so far hadn't been too interested in helping maintain order around there. The couple had been hearing that one response you sometimes get when asking for help in the grittier sections of the urban core. . . containment. . . . if you don't like it, you should move. . . .

"I don't know how I'm going to get out of this place except in a box." - authorized tenant #1

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