Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Awl nostalgia

Yes, I desire to "return home" to ballot-stabbing.

Wow, leave it to Diebold to turn a fun time with a punch card and stylus into a throw-back to some of our worst memories of sitting in sweaty desks hunched over a standarized test with a hard, non-mechanical pencil cramped in our fingers.

At least with voting there is no time limit. (I don't imagine it would take one 13 hours to figure the new system out, though my poll line was the least efficient I've seen it, my election judges dull enough to require two minds to determine what to do for Voter A whose name was not on the list but who had changed his address over four weeks ago, he said.

(Isn't that one of the most standard scenarios? Call the Election Board, darn it! It was funny that one of the judges said, "what's the number?" Good freaking gracious.)

I burned through my whole pencil-tip blackening in the huge ovals, and I didn't even cast a vote for the unopposed chumps or certain others I don't want to support either way. The "voting booth" was a three-sided screen propped on a bumpy, plastic table.

The ballot, three times as big as the punch card, was a graphic design disaster that made me doubt, as I left the church/polling place, that I had even cast a vote in the 10th District state senate race. I do have an opinion about Flaherty, I. Burnett, Klumb and Justus. . . .oh well, I'll never know.

I don't like to sit down and vote, either, so I didn't, and that was uncomfortable. Not as bad as the cold metal chair I avoided, but still, not fun.

Guess I should have used the touch-screen?


Susan said...

Oh my gosh the nostalgia... I LOVED thos punchy things... haven't been able to do that since leaving Cleveland Heights.

Here we always have black markers now to complete the arrows beside the people or issues you're voting on. And the ballot is roughly the size of a TV screen. New! Get your voting posters here!

Guess we're both in pretty high-tech areas Trace! :)

trAcy said...

finally read your comment. wish there was a way - scratch that - wish i didn't mind the way this thing "reminds" you that there are comments. there isn't a way to see if someone else's blog is getting comments, is there? we could get into quite the reply-spiral.

i'm glad we found this medium. it is not as tactile or scrapbookable as those note cards and creations you send (i am negligent, i know; i used to send wonderful letters to all sorts of people, usually boys, and i think that is where i went wrong, but i didn't realize it until after i had burned out), but you're at least good with the decorative html.

mata ne.