Thursday, August 24, 2006

Did hell freeze?

Wow, our FDA - famous for approving medications that can kill you - finally followed suit of at least 40 other civilized nations who, like me, have been watching its ridiculous politicial stalling all these years, and approved a common chemical form of contraception.

So, U.S. women (who over 18, the rest of you should cover your ears and remember that it's not legal to do it until you can vote), you can now buy an over-the-counter "Plan B" super-pill, A.K.A. "the morning after pill" (or "f**k! the condom broke" pill or, as I've seen a few friends use it, the "I presume this person is disease-free and choose to accidentally forget what day my cycle is on until the next day when I start feeling remorse" pill).

In 89 percent of cases, it prevents implantation/impregnation when used within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and you used to have to go search for a danged Planned Parenthood to get it. Since most of us have "emergency sex" on weekends or abroad, this emergency contraception was heretofore sitting behind a big, insulting wall.

This ain't no RU486, though, so if zygote is created, well, "Plan B" won't work. . .they say, but read any usual package of birth control pills and you'll get confused like a Conservative that it could.

You'll find EC behind the counter with the Sudafed. . .wait to go on that spree - it won't be out there (except from your doctor/PP) until "the end of the year."

And even the president said it was o.k.

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DKC said...

I wish to decalre an emergency.