Saturday, September 02, 2006



joe said...

very pretty .what is it?

trAcy said...

they smell like the "moonflower" i've come to know from the perfume world (body shop), and similar images to this one come up in google search for "moonflower;" however, the usda page on this kind of plant (a type night-blooming morning glory that attracts moths) shows there are a ton of varieties, some of which are invasive to certain states.

morning glories and the common/general species that is called "moonflower" (Ipomoea alba or Calonyction acurleatum, one gardener's site said) are vines, however, and the one in my photo, as well as some on google, look like they are growing out of woodier stems.

there is a moonflower bush in front of back door pottery, i think, and this one is on the 2500-block or so of holmes (near teocali, a new restaurant. . that doesn't have much to offer vegetarians. . .the meat menu seemed nice and my food was fine, even if a bit too sour-creamed/less traditional.)