Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stick to rice

Beef (which exists in slab form in the fridge presently) can give you mad cow disease, possibly Alzheimer's/dementia; spinach (which often is in the fridge) can give you a mad e-coli death, lately too. Common denominator may still be cattle. Whole food, raw food, supposedly healthy food is not necessarily clean food, I guess.

Some people, a couple of people, from my neighbor's description, tried to take my car last night or maybe just switch out the plates. They had other plates with them. They parked in our alley in a car very much, if not exactly like, mine.

That explains how they opened the door. . .all those old Japanese cars have the same keys. Unless I left it unlocked, the thing you think every time you get out but are too non-obsessive-compulsive to verify in any way other than an over-the-shoulder glance. It was late, dark/I was tired when I got home.

They got run off, thanks to good neighbors, and left the trunk open. There was jack-squat for them to find. I doubt there was even a quarter or dime in the whole vehicle. They broke my cup-holder, though.

They failed to notice my salvagable hubcaps, and I'm not sure if they noticed the spray paint. Didn't steal the X-acto blades. I'm glad they didn't break any windows.

If they had been successful at driving off, I think I would have found my car very near by later. Gas is already on E, oil is already stinking, car still only accelerates to 20 mph on any incline.

We were watching the NOVA show about how the Twin Towers fell because the floor trusses bowed to the point that the snapped the outer walls. It's a revision of the 2002 NOVA theory that the trusses themselves broke.

A main point seemed to be the dangerous narrowness of staircases and the weak-sauce nature of spray-on fire-proofing unless it is mixed with concrete.

Ergo, stayed up too late.


DKC said...

It's widely known that the towers were brought down by illegal immigrants wielding illicit Chinese welder stuff.

sheri said...

Very good neighbors. I wonder if ours would've done the same.
Glad you & your car's okay.