Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is Snow

Snow belongs to Dusty.

(Yeah, I know.)

I saw them Tuesday, when I was walking. I was still sick, but you can always stop for a neighbor and a dog.

I'm bettering. It's an ear infection (yes, we know that was obvious). What's amazing is to find out how much Flonase, the much-advertised medicine for runny-nose people (who don't know how to use a simple saline wash because that would be "too hippie") costs: $75.

My insurance "bargained" GlaxoSmithKline down to $44.12.

The antibiotic of choice, "Cefuroxime," was also $80 itself, which I got at the bargain rate of $48.99.


DKC said...

I tend to use dilute Jack Daniels and, when I can no longer feel my face, pronounce myself cured and fall down.

hearmysong said...

is it working? are you better?

joe said...

Snow is cuuuuuute!

Susan said...

omg what a sweet dog. bogglingly sweet.

crazy pharm prices -- I got some eye allergy drops the beg. of the summer and absolutely didn't think about what the price would be (the bottle holds about 1.5 tablespoons of drops)... now that I have a vision plan... I thought no problem, sure I'll fill the prescrip... the pharmacist said, as he turned away to get the bottle off the shelf, "your AU vision plan will take $80 off this, so that's cool," at which point I thought "holy shit" but still also "cool, because there's no way that leaves much for me to pay." Of course it left another $45 which I went ahead and paid because I had just gotten paid and because, frankly, I felt funny turning it down, and because I really did believe my eye doctor that these would work better for my crazy allergy eyes than my over-the-counter Naphcon-A drops (which I __used__ to think were expensive at $8/bottle!)... for the record those these new drops feel really good going in, they do nothing in the longrun for my itchyredpuffy eyes so I usually use my Naphcon still.

but I move for a global yikes at scary drug costs and at yours in particular t.

trAcy said...

snow seems to be an "old soul." she doesn't like to go outside, i'm told. she's only two, dusty said, but she looks a bit older due to some growths and things; maybe it's just hard being a white dog.

it helps that the tele-lens makes her look like one of those mod big-head dogs that were popular on kids' notebooks and as stuffed toys recently.

oui, meds are amazingly priced. guess it's nice that in our country things like aspirin are affordable when in other places, they have to smuggle it in with the missionaries.

$125 eye drops? is it made out of carrier pigeon blood or something? wow.

Needs an Editor said...

Dusty passed away this morning, I learned on Facebook.