Tuesday, October 03, 2006

12th & Vine

"Going' to Kansas City" optimism
almost makes The Paseo
look like Ward Parkway.


DKC said...

Most of KC is that way. You have to view it from just the right angle.

trAcy said...

yup, the whatchacallit housing complex is just to the north. blue and grey, at least to my memory.

no one ever visits that park.

did you hear, "they" busted up a homeless camp in the westernmost part of kessler park today. (by the orange-and-red title loans hut, off paseo where the other "they" frequently beg).

"they" were almost cheering that it was parkland, ergo, ticketable. seven city's, one state and one "hazardous"-based arrest. we speculate it was the barbecue pit.

how does this really help anyone?

actually, i recall hearing mention of some innovative municipal jail program here about mental health something or other. otherwise, guard your backyards.

do we really believe in that system, or do we just want the panhandlers to be relocated out of view?

DKC said...

Out of view please.

trAcy said...

i hate the system.

: (