Friday, October 06, 2006

Another reason

Things like bridges, streets and buildings shouldn't be named after people, especially while they are still living and capable of being evil.

It's really obvious that Steve Penn is making a fool of himself with his premature and fawning quest to locate some ediface or landmark to bear the name of our current mayor.

However, if you donate millions of dollars to build something, should others in the future be allowed to remove your legacy?

Well, in this case, the man in question didn't get up the cash himself, but was honored for doing things like expanding student health at the University of Missouri.

Tom Brady got his name on the student food and book area Brady Commons, but apparently he was also strict about enforcing anti-sodomy laws of the 1950s by making suspected gay students see the shrink or quit school and leave.

Now that the school has a shiny new center, some people think that Brady's name should go, in light of the fact that he was anti-homosexual and today, umm, well, yeah, sure, we're not.

Maybe they should just call it the "Brady was a Gay and Guggenheim Fellow Commons."


DKC said...

If we go down that road then nor more Wagner because he was an anti-semite... and so it goes with political correctness.....

trAcy said...

hoover dam.
truman road.
reagan airport.
dicapo fountain.

the list goes on.

everyone did something someone else thinks is way wrong and crooked. heck, old andy jackson, mr. manifest native american death-stany, is still facing off on our most common form of currency.

i'm still waiting for the daisy pre-memorial pouncefest arena. let's rename the reservoir!

DKC said...