Thursday, October 12, 2006

Frozen the 13th

Been too "busy" to work here. I hate how ideas fester in one like constipation. Wait too long and there is nothing useful left. It's stale, stupid, over with.

Today, I'm at the workplace, shivering and feeling indignant. Never mind all the people who are outdoors today, whose jobs mean they have to be pouring concrete, fixing power lines, etc. Plenty work in unheated warehouses and shops, too. And the non-working ones, well, they're there. Cold as always. I would be drinking hard liquor right now if I didn't have false hope that the person might actually repair the heater for this cracker-box place before the end of the day.

Besides frozen fingers that falter into too many typographical errors, the fact that my computer is slow is starting to take its toll on my productivity. I am going to start using a timer to clock all the minutes spent waiting for programs to open, files to save and other general "you can't click or do anything right now because I am 'thinking'" computer down-time moments.

Today's issue is that attachments from e-mail are being stupid, telling me things like "already in use by another user" (preposterous and impossible) and "file error."

Shutting down and restarting takes seven minutes.

Tomorrow should have been a perfectly nice day, except I have a board meeting and there is that cat issue to deal with.


DKC said...

I have found that if you hit the "F1" key repeatedly with a large hammer that something will happen.

Susan said...

I think I missed the cat issue... I hope it isn't scary and works out OK... :) as for TTing... I kept running into the meme in various places then finally started investigating further a few weeks ago -- trying it mostly to increase readership even if it's only once a week that I get read more -- otherwise I'm seriously considering bagging the blog since you and Jessica and John are the only people that read it EVER - I mean I know it's not all Writer-y and News-y or anything Important or Interesting to people who don't know me-y but I would expect at least a few other friends and family to read it occasionally, but alas that is not the case and I'm tired of reminding everyone, blah blah blah - on the other hand my average is strong, I have 3 regular readers on sus63 and 3 regular readers on the teaching blog, too (that I know of) so I guess consistency counts for something ;) -- anyway we'll see - definitely a "t" TT would be rockin' (as most "t" things... :)

Susan said...

...that sentence was s'posed to say 'as most "t" things are...' - in case it sounded like it was going in another direction it most certainly was not!