Thursday, October 05, 2006


Fire prevention month wasn't enough.

The governor got his own hog on yesterday after signing a declaration making October Missouri Pork Month.

Kathy Chinn raises hogs out in Clarence, Mo. for us to eat and is chair"man" of the Missouri Pork Association.

Do you believe her when she says:

"Pork consumption continues to escalate, and pork is now the number one consumed protein in the world."?

It's the number-one smelliest protein in the world. . . .

Surely the chicken, egg and soybean people will be taking up arms to battle back with their own "meaty" months?

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Susan said...

kee. that reminds me of the yearly Poultry Sciences Chicken Sale here at AU - I seem to be the only one who finds it really funny and really scary that they would be selling their chickens. Granted they supposedly don't sell the ones which have been really scarily tested upon, but I'm not sure I trust them to sell completely untampered-with chickens... not that the pork in Mo. is like that at all.. it just seemed funny and made me think of that... what a rambly dorky post - probably you should deny this one. nyernt nyernt