Sunday, November 12, 2006

A modest proposal

I'm not talking, as Mr. Swift did, of eating children in an ironic twist about (twist and shout) how starved were the Irish under British (English) oppression.

I don't know how bad it was there and then.

Just this:

We need a police scanner at the place at which I "work," for apparently, 30 minutes before I got too bored and too vegetable hungry and left mi oficina, some kids with guns were a block away from me getting ready for a standoff that is still going on six hours later.

And folks (braver than I, I suppose) ask me why I don't live in Northeast.

Sorry I can't give you either links or my photos; KCTV 5 is doing it on T.V. and not the Internet(s), and, as I said, I am not anywhere near there.

Oblivious and/or "lucky."

C'est moi.

Try and find "standoff at James Elementary School."

I heard the city was installing "Safe School" signs near there tomorrow afternoon.

If my paper publishes that, you'll know I was being ironic and/or hopeful.

Wait, I change my mind: we all really should eat our children.


DKC said...

The eating of children should only be done with a certain savoir-faire and, of course, salt.

Susan said...

just when I was thinking of going vegan again... of course my children are too fuzzy to eat anyway, plus they don't have any weapons, not that they could hold them if they did :)

trAcy said...

as usual, "the media" was exaggerating. there were only three teens, unarmed and hiding in a closet by the time cops arrived.

the three spoke of an additional fourth, armed person, whom the cops spent six hours trying to locate to no avail.

law enforcement went so far as to shoot out lights to hide their tactical position (which was blasted across the television, mind you), and most people think that the fourth person didn't exist at all or got away rather early on.

as the offenders are juveniles, they were transported to a place near my home and probably will never have to pay restitution for the manpower, light repairs and damage to the school's library and reputation.

sorry about the hyperbole.