Thursday, August 02, 2007

Expo pics

From those (one) of us who use Mac, not PC, and are locked out of Flickr, last time I checked:People came by on Sunday to see near-final product.
Visible from right to left are works by Scribe (whale), Sacred, Pherz, Pepto and Wruk.

Saturday, even though it was humid and mostly sunny, a number of people stuck around for hours to see work emerge.

These people are watching Scribe and Chucho work. Sha9nigin's piece is to the right and is shown completed below, next to part of Chucho's wind-challenged characters.

Quisp's finished piece.

Merok's finished piece.

Berlin's finished piece.

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Susan said...

omg those are tremendous - I wish we had something even a fraction as fun and cultural going on around here! tell Gear congratulations for me - so so so fantastic...