Sunday, March 09, 2008


My first exam grade in more than a decade.
Considering I had feared a D, this is adequate.
I have skipped two classes since then, however;
one was a choice between slides of the Sistine
Chapel and a free pass at the plasticized and
exposed dead bodies, the other a work-related
explosion that required my constant attention.
Leaving for three hours twice a week is not
conducive to continuity. I thought that it
would provide variety; turns out, two things
over and over are not varied enough.

Progress is mild: formatted photos to have
e-printed and sent to dad; planted sprouting
jade plant; CLEANED FIVE BIRD CAGES; cleaned
up cat vomit; transferred photos from several
cardboard and other boxes to single, 21-gallon
plastic tub I can not move; transferred items
of Christmas into two tubs; put all VHS tapes
into tub for no good reason since we have no VCR;
a spot of work-related e-mail (people are dead-
line deficient and/or, they need constant reminders
that the first of the month is on its way — every-
one else is a daily or weekly and so it's confusing,
I guess). I need to add reciepts to start taxes.

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Susan said...

dangit - thanks for reminding me - I knew there was one other big Spring Break task for after I get done with all the grading... :(