Monday, March 17, 2008

I tried to wear green

I used to have only one green top. Recently, I expanded my "collection" with two other green tops from Target. I have worn them this winter with knowlege that springy apple green is not quite right in January and February.

I put one on today, even though I don't work someplace where people are jaunty about pinches to the green-less. I was not planning on going to the parade or any morning parties, even. I'm not in anyway that I know Celtic. I'm usually a bad sport when it comes to culturally-controlled dresscode.

The neckline was torn, though, a testament to the global economy, so I changed into all black and was done with it.

If you own a business, you can tell people what to wear.

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Susan said...

I was wearing green by accident only :) oh and I don't care where you have HOV linked since it's closed off anyway - no worries either way unless you have a preference. Back to grading... (I of course left a bunch of work for break - i HATE it when I do that!)