Friday, April 11, 2008


No research, nothing. Just a title. Mine hurt, seem to be unswelling; it's been a week of it. You probably think that all I do is nothing, that all I was was a cat-thinker, that all I have is un-time. Well. I'm alone at work. Yes, work, yes, alone, yes, not working. I am daunted. Stunted. Clogged.

Want to hear about how I am disappointed in a Burt's Bees product? No? Here we go: let's say that one's face can not be "radiant" with oil-based moisturizers unless radiance-definition includes new constellations of red bumps. I disagree completely on the claims of non-greasy. Sesame and castor seed oils are not for my face, apparently. Good-bye $15. What's the point of trying to keep chemicals out of the system if the alternatives are akin to wiping on salad dressing? (Yes, I sent my comments to the company.)

In other news, it's cold here despite the April-ness, and I guess I'm glad that I've been too preoccupied to dig and plant things so far.


DKC said...

Sesame and castor seed oils are chemical compounds too. Try marmalade.

pomegranate said...

If I had your real mail address well, paper mail. email's real.
If I did.
I'd send paper with ink on it that might serve as a bit of drain-O for the soul.
thinkin' bout you.