Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We think it's funny that our tax rebate dealy-o arrived in the bank account a week before the "notice" did.

In fact, it was already respent before the "keep for your records" page appeared in the mail box.

Not to mentinon that the notice presents my last name spelled in a non-accurate form completely unattached to my SS# or any tax return. This leads me to presume "we" hired a great consultant for this unnecessary job. Or, well, I guess I'm happy that they didn't just simply upload the database?

Let's all think it's funny that the rebate dealy-o is going for the mortgage in lieu of a flat-screen television, some gutters, or, sigh, coveted body- and house-textiles.

I have this huge stack of catalogs, pages culled, torn out, representing thousands of dollars of wearables and house-furnishings I probably will not buy. Oh, the desire.

Next up, Applecart ideas for saving money in the New Depression (such as clothing reconstitution / assemblage): not to be knocked — it will make you as a Buddhist!

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pomegranate said...

I'm embarrassed at how much of a consumer I've been lately. Our stimulus check finally arrived Friday and will go to rent.
Hurrah for unpaid leave!