Monday, June 30, 2008

It's here!

Ah, yes, now it's a proper cold. Thank you, harbinger-vertigo and crummy lung-cough, for laying the groundwork at a time when you knew host-body was not able to get enough rest and food to stave off attacks to its immune system.

In honor of all that, let's gaze upon some lovely beef on the hoof.


DKC said...

Sorry you're sick but you really only have yourself to blame for insisting on the transition from Goddess to dirt-clay humdrum.

Susan said...

you poor thing! hope the cold is getting better by now. Sorry for my silence and non-reading both. Slowly getting back into a sort of rhythm... I think I was just completely wiped out after the move and teaching plus suddenly not having much to do last week = a sizable funk as well. Wackiness.