Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reverse outsourcing

The McClatchy-run daily in town outsourced Internet ad sales (I believe, something related to — you look it up for once; I have limited time and so far have proven to be fairly reliable, tee hee) to India within the last month, but in England, Fujitsu (yes, a Japanese company on British soil, par for modern business Earth) employees are ready to strike over their jobs' being shipped westward across the Atlantic.

I guess we forget that Indian labor may be cheaper, but U.S. workers are cheap, too.

Our gain is their loss. My loss is your gain.

Anchors aweigh on the HMS Beagle, circa 2008.


pom. said...

i love this blog.

DKC said...

I have tried twice to outsource my job to India. Unfortunately both times were just as successful as my attempted buyout of myself. Self-employment sometimes sucks.