Saturday, July 26, 2008


I don't understand; I don't believe that it's "worth it" for the minority party not to risk possible backlash.

If you're going to stand up as an elected official and say things like "worst president ever" but are prohibited from using the word "liar," indeed, standing there with the legislative rule book in hand, a joke to CNN reporters, two women whose segment appeared on Yahoo's news clips, who concluded their piece with cooing over some babies whom President Bush was holding in Peoria, Illinois, for photographers …

"Not enough time left in the session," "Not enough time left in his term …"

What a marvelous statute of limitations. Way to procrastinate. All hail wiping one's feet upon parchments.

It's o.k.; I watched precursor Parliament go up in flames the other day when the Magna Carta was likewise wadded up into a little spitball.

"Stagecraft," indeed.

Exiting left or right is of no consequence. 'Think I'll go out through the aisle, house doors, street corner. Leave dressing room, script, direction behind.
(No applause; just throw money.)

Mr. Prufrock, don't dare eat that peach.

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