Thursday, August 21, 2008

They've ruined birds, too

I won't go into the others.

"Now we will know what Twitter is!"

I love Mighty Girl, and here, she has written a nice piece that is not intended to answer our dumb questions (friends, some of your ages are showing) about Twitter, but actually does. An etiquette piece explains it so much better than a simple, boring expository one.

But I'm still mad Twitter bastardized the cutie bird. I'm not happy about Cricket wireless, either. Or that Snoopy works for Met Life insurance. E.T. didn't have a choice about the Reese's Pieces. I guess I accept wide-eyed and stenciled mascots in Japan, but here, it makes me uncomfortable.

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DKC said...

I occasionally get all "atwitter" when I see a pretty girl. Age thing? New age thing?