Saturday, August 09, 2008


Making recommendations for taking in some breezes created by 50 cyclists at a time up on the recently (and ever-ongoingly) restored Cliff Drive in Historic Northeast. (Photo is from Kansas City, Kansas criterion portion Friday night.)

Check out the 45th annual Tour of Kansas City today. There is nothing like the sharp turns and grueling climb presented by this course, near the Concourse, Kansas City Museum, and other cultural points of interest.

If you need further incentive, they should have Boulevard beer again this year.

Or, if you can't stand the urban, they are flat-track racing tomorrow in Overland Park, Kansas.

(Insert joke about men who shave their legs and wear revealing spandex pants and funky clippy shoes here.)


DKC said...

Hey... i do that... but I don't ride.

Applecart T. said...

Of course the rain does make things a bit less exciting. Slow. Unless there are crashes, which there were, but no one wants to see blood and mangled bikes.