Monday, August 11, 2008


History moment: I didn't realize there was a Wyandot tribe graveyard in the middle of downtown Kansas City, Kansas. There is a field of unknown and unmarked graves, as well as a section with "knowns." (There is also a great view of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to the east.)

And there is a spot where you can read about displacement, migration, killings, and even something bad that happened on my birthday before I existed.

Of course, there is the mitigating factor of the Mason-built place that now sports a flashing fa├žade and smells like air-conditioned cigarette smoke on the outside (even when the entrance doors were closed).

And the biggest HVAC unit I've seen on ground level. Note to would-be copper thieves: there is a formidable fence and live guards. Besides, there are Indian graves watching.

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DKC said...

Not to mention the graves of dead diseased people around Reservoir Hill.