Thursday, September 04, 2008

Better not cut that pie

Ah, the random quoting of what is on the iTunes.

Courtesy of Ani DiFranco, whom I'm not going to be able to see when she swings through town (actually, she hates KC, she always hits the college towns of Lawrence, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri — as if all her "real fans" weren't her own damn age and out of college!) but not because of geographic resentment, though, yes, I hate driving home in the middle of the night after a show, but because I can't spare the $30 for something I said I'd never go to again. I think I just need to go by myself, but then I'd be the weird married woman all alone and suspect of all the younger lesbians. Just kidding. Just spewing. Just too busy and too fried and too tired and too overwhelmed.

Science chases money and money chases its tail, and the best minds of my generation can't make bail …

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