Monday, September 08, 2008

11 years ago

This was what was (punctuation amended):

Let a piece of peace
Fall on me, please,
I need something like quiet.

In my life of loud and go
I need quiet.

I left my soul on the banks of a
River I was dreaming of —
It's a false notion that we
Carry our souls around in our bodies.

I don't know about you, but mine's
Waiting on me.
Somewhere else.
Where she can be thinking.
I hope she's thinking of me.

Maybe she'll have it all worked out
By the time I get back.
But I think she'd rather have me there in the meantime
Where it's quiet.

We can sit on the grass and
Talk about all our pasts and
How this life seems to be going.
We can drink when we're thirsty,
Sleep when we get weary.
There'll be no airplanes scraping overhead,
No cars cutting up the air,
And no concrete full of tedious reverberation.

I'll stroke her hair; she'll maybe massage my feet.
We'll be merely being,
But, oh, how full of life we'll be.

Let a piece of peace
Fall on me, please.
I need something like quiet.

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