Monday, September 01, 2008


Note to self: don't go out.
Note to other self: don't stay in.
Note to self: you are bad with boundaries.
Note to other self: avoiding everything outright is not a solution.
Note to self: just say no.
Note to other self: you never say yes.

Note to body: please stay asleep longer.
Note to body: nice suntan lines to end the summer.
Note to body: you are 34.

Note to universe: send advice.


m.v. said...

34, that's so 5 years ago!

DKC said...

Dear Applecart T. This is from your dark matter friends in the Universe. We wish to assure you that all your efforts at life are futile and possibly contrary to the basic laws of nature. On the other hand we really like kitties, puppies and ferrets. So go figure. Anyway, remember the saying for all time... the more time you spend trying to figure out the meaning the less time you have to ignore it a move on.