Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If you are not white, your citizenship is questioned.

I don't recall the United States people, government, or media questioning Christians here while Adolph Hitler, a professed Christian (Catholic-born), was expanding power through force and killing; of course, we did inter U.S. citizens of Japanese descent, and Hitler is to have said to have admired the armies of Muslim nations, supposedly confiding to a friend that that religion would have been more suited to "our purposes" than Christianity.

President Ronald Reagan was the one who signed the apology legislation that acknowledged racist motives toward the Japanese (despite the Supreme Court's having upheld in 1944 the Constitutionality of Executive Order 9066). There were even reparations, $1.6 billion.

Has anyone ever been inclined to add up the fees and penalties of all the lawsuit settlements the federal government is involved in?

No one ever made fun of Reagan's middle name — Wilson was a Democrat who started the Federal Reserve and oversaw the creation of the federal income tax. He did make sure all ships had enough lifeboats following the sinking of the Titanic.

Sure, being Robin Hood is not popular with everyone. But your income tax rate goes up the more you make already. I can never, ever use any child-related deductions, and we already pay the "self-employment" premium, despite also having two full-time employer-jobs, but it's not like anyone else has improved the situation.

I know we need more money for the wars and everything else. You can't have your cake and eat it too. It's time to pay up. Time to be less wasteful — remember those cartoons that depicted squirrels and other animals collecting tires, tin cans, and war bond donations? "Give, brother, give," and check out what you pitch in the landfill every day. (I'm one of those freaks all for the bottle-and-concrete homes). Yes, everything comes in a package, and it's hard to avoid. (Just think how big your house could be — I know I've thrown away a couple of mansions already.)

Everything we do is all complicated and consumeristic. If you're happy about that, let me know and let me know how to justify it; I am sick with compulsory wastefulness. An alternative is to wander off into the national forest and hope it stays that way long enough for you to starve or be eaten by a bear. Fun times!

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