Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just heard someone scream

Drunk and happy scream?
Never saw that before / need help scream?
Angry at known-party scream?

I can not evaluate nor will investigate.

I heard perhaps a gun.

I hear definitely helicopter.

I think all are unrelated.

Thinking is what got us here in the first place.

Let me rant happily that Dr. Robert Cohon is a dedicated teacher.

(We had a review tonight, during cocktail hour, Simpsons — new episode; no functioning recording device here! and no, I don't have the patience to watch "TV" online after the fact, legal or illegal — and I did only learn a few hints as to what one should express on the midterm in two days; however, I am the 10-years-ago undergrad / post-bac / older student (but not the oldest in the room) and so know the game, remember the game, love the game, hate the game, wish I had more time for the game, which I abandoned over a decade ago because I hate games, because I feel as I felt that intellectual games were on their own plane … )

I shall not go on there.

What I mean is: when I watch PBS and see folks spending full days setting up cameras (infra-red / new technology for which I have no name / time to reresearch and confirm) with the goal of seeing forest animals elusive like Sumatran tigers and elephants, I feel at once jealous and sad.

I also envy those who spend hours under the Turkish sun excavating new spaces that show that people there built Stonehedges thousands of years prior to the Paleolithic Age in Beowulf-land.

This woman, while attending to eyebrow- and armpit-plucking, would also like to be one of those females who appears on PBS without any self-conscienceness about post-Victorian grooming "trends."

She wants to live with birds and monkeys / apes and with moths and such that are mysteries.

She doesn't believe in homo sapiens as a thing to explore as-is.

I hear more people screaming.

This one has a female voice.

(No, this is not a metaphor.)


Applecart T. said...
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Applecart T. said...
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Applecart T. said...

it's funny; if you over-strike key, you "cannot be undone."

Applecart T. said...

je suis l'author: (je regret que ma fran├žais est GONE): there are still helicopters. can't be obama. must be something sad/silly.

i read in the northeast news (find your own that the KCPD now has four of them.

DKC said...

Was the scream inside or outside da house?