Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pressing buttons

La la la, the Web site said "unable to process your request online," and it gave me an 800-number; of course, calling that brought me to the wrong sector of their financial empire, so I was transferred (and given the number printed on the statement, yes, I have that, yes, it's by the Web address that hands out the other number) and then entered loan number and such again but got over-confident and decided to try the online method once more just in case (to avoid talking to another person), and I hung up before it told me indeed it was still unable to process.

So, I call the 866-number, enter all my information again and endure the "would you like to take a brief customer survey" (the kind that calls you back in 15 minutes after you finish with the customer service representative — no, thank you) delay and finally get whomever, who asks for my name and something else before telling me to please call back in an hour as they are having trouble with their computer system and can't access anything.

A quick message at the beginning of the experience would have been appreciated.

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DKC said...

I've found that, if on first contact with a human, one cusses profusely in farsi that things happen including a small circuit trip in Langley.