Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nancy Johnson Went to Sea

(As if that name were not cause enough!) — she's in my e-mail, and she "wants" me to buy Viagra knock-offs.

No, nothing but the real deal for me, baby.
Spam. It is amazing what gets through.

Dear, Yahoo,

Haven't you figured this out yet?
Women really really don't want these ads.
Even men posing as females in their profiles don't want these ads. Some people even tend to think that if a company has to rely on spam as marketing, the product probably doesn't work … or is only as reliable as anything on an infomercial.

All of us would have an easier /more fun time finding new _______ than waiting for a plain package of fake drugs to show up in the mail. What are women supposed to do — stick it in the steak and coffee like Peggy Hill did?

Calling all males (over a certain age): would you trust the fake V. on an important appointment? We women have learned that generic types of many ingredients for holiday food are just as fine. No one knows because it's the same thing.

However, my dad complains that certain health care companies induce him to take generics (not for that) that have proven to be ineffective. Ingredients are not quite listed on pills.

This woman, however, never got pregnant on Canadian Orthotricyclen, we'll have you know. And it was half the price.

Indeed, none of these things are the same thing.

Red herring alert.

Vigilance is important. Go, lighthouse, go.


DKC said...

Could you give the the link to Nancy?

Le Grand Lapin said...

It's a numbers game - they don't care if you're a man, woman, poodle or macaw. Somehow they still manage to turn 1% of spam into cash, so ten million scattergun emails = payday.

Applecart T. said...

I know, (!) and here I sit on my profitless pile of talents.

The rest is all too touchy for me to make any comments on. No matter what I say, you'll all pun-around and/or have visions of sugarplums and whatnot, which at this point in the game …

It's just funny how easily hope sells. (*Isn't someone telling these guys that it's probably a life-threatening heart condition or something? If not, that, perhaps telling them that maybe they should get over it and get over it because they are old and IT'S OVER?)

Indeed, the she-witch is cruel. (She's still mad at Medicare's supplementing this sort of thing when the anti-fertility pills are $50 or so these days.)

Anonymous said...

Define "old."

Applecart T. said...

old = whenever it stops working.

Anonymous said...

OK... I ain't old.

Margaret Shelby, member said...

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