Friday, December 19, 2008


Cat complains for hours, "I'm hungry, get up."
Cat follows human to first floor, where coffee is made.
Cat complains.
Human offers small amount of food #B.
Cat rejects food.
Cat complains.
Cat follows human upstairs, demands bathtub water.
Human obliges.
Cat drinks. Cat grooms off extra water.
Cat continues to complain, "I'm hungry."
Cat follows human to third floor.
Human offers small amount of food #A.
Cat accepts.  Cat eats.  Human leaves cat.

Time lapse … three minutes …

Cat comes crashing down the stairs
(sounding as if has fallen or was pushed).
Cat sits, gags, etc.
Human sighs.
Human cleans up pile of watered-up dry food.
Cat complains.
Cat seems to have been reading up on bulimia.


DKC said...

The elderly tend to gag for no particular reason.

Applecart T. said...

Yes, and threw up again later that day. SO not ready for this scenario again.