Tuesday, December 09, 2008

There he is

Mr. America … I mean, "Mr. Cat" (what a stupid name). He used to be Milo, apparently. Can you believe he is only 4 pounds overweight? That's what his last vet report reports. I suppose, if anyone cared to do the math, that 4 to 17 is a ratio somewhat like 60 to 225.

Very American.

But he's handsome, isn't he?  He's about 12 or 13, like Katrina.

The birds that did not react to tiny, heavy-footed Katrina freak out when "giant racoon-shaped silent beast" slinks by.

He's scared of everything.  Has not really eaten in a day.  Seems to be adjusting.  His shape is due to having lived in a nursing home for several years.  Three nursing homes, in fact.  His bed-fellow (woman) died two months ago.  He is easily agitated and growls and hisses, but he is too lazy or nice to do much about it.  I don't push it. 

He is living with us because of a 9-month-old poodle and the Internet.


m.v. said...

this cat looks like he ate my cat :-)

DKC said...

The last person he was with died.... good lord.. did they find the body???!!!

Sonya said...

It's Totoro!

sonya said...

Oh, also it is partially my fault and Carol Leighton's fault that you now have Walrus Cat. Don't forget to spread the blame around.

Didn't Gear look at you with big doe eyes and say "pretty pretty please can we get Jabba the Cat?"

He does look pretty happy there on your couch.

Susan said...

wow - he is wondrous! weight-challenged-ness notwithstanding. :) 4 pounds does seem a bit low... I'm not going to let Sam and Lucy see the pix or they'll really go on strike or something ("no more headbutts or cuddling until you admit we are trim and no longer need diet food dammit!")

Susan said...

ps isn't pretty much everything in life due to a 9-mo-old poodle and the internet?!