Saturday, January 10, 2009

10-11-07 Hindsight=F

Exerpts from (?) a conversation a cinc.
It was not quite a quadrille:

One man, three women, (one who is I).
Table good, coffee great; I request very few perks after all.

Dogs don't bother me, or feeling rather silly;
It was interesting anyway to see you in silhouetted obscurity,
Having so many of you to observe at once I did not feign to be all-inclusive.

A number of duffle-toting men, presumed homeless to some extent
I watched trekking by, south to I'm-not-sure-where.

I hope you enjoyed yourself, though
I know going through five of these things must be daunting.

I understand what the order means, and it's interesting
That you told me I was last.

It seems that She (D) pled to have me included.
Did they interview all five?

Was she the only one plugging for us journalists?

I have very harsh feelings for all of you today.

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hearmysong said...

dear lord, what happened???