Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Defensive DOR customer "service"

So, you try to pay attention and be compliant … here's me calling DOR of Missouri after finding no answers online (maybe you can):

"Our vehicle's plates / stickers expire this month, and we haven't received our notice."

"That means you don't need to renew."

"Are you sure?"*


"But the sticker says January 09."

"What year is your vehicle?"


"Then you will need your 2007 and 2008 personal property tax receipts, safety inspection,** proof of insurance and the renewal notice."

"We didn't get one."

"It was sent out on December 15th."

"It did not arrive.  Can you send it again?"

"No, ma'am, we can't …."

[and she starts getting an uncalled-for tone at a question that I think is completely normal … I never lose mail, but I didn't even protest that or anything … she put lots of snark on caAayunt — as if I had been arguing for hours …].

"… But you can bring in the current registration —"

"I don't have a copy of the current registration."*** 

"Ma'm, you are required by law to keep a copy of that in your vehicle at all times."

"Yes, I know; it was lost, however. Can you send a new one?"

"No, but you can go to any Department of Revenue office and get it."

"But you said I needed the old one to renew."

"No, they're just going to give you a new one; there's no charge —"

[And here was my final straw to her, I suppose, for I interrupted with a cheerful]

"That's easy!"

… and she hung up.  

— So, did the state employees not get their 3% this year or something?  Did I imply too much that she was an illogical presenter of information?  Did I really not pay attention?  Did someone horrible interrupt her all day long?  Does she really like to have to keep talking and talking from a script when the problem is already resolved?

… holy wanna-be-a-libertarian …

So, now, of course, I have to GO TO THE OFFICE, instead of the "convenient" online stupid renewal thing.  Can't they just tell me my stupid PIN#?

* (as in, you haven't looked it up / you don't know my VIN or anything / where are you getting this, an "if A, then B" sheet?)

**umm, no, we got that inspection last time = not due yet in this two-year system, right?  But I didn't even say that because who cares — I'm not mean to customer service people.  Me and T-Mobile, the gas company, the electric company, even the city water department and ridiculous Time Warner — we all get along fine on such calls.

*** yeah, yeah, it was apparently purged in some car-cleaning frenzy; didn't notice until recently, of course, looked everywhere … why is proof of registration necessary anyway in this stupid age of magnetic strips and wired police cars?


DKC said...

Due to caller ID you're now on a list too.

Anonymous said...


What list?


As I understand it, the notice is basically a courtesy and does not negate one's responsibility to renew, whether you receive it or not.

Per additional help resource on their website:

Application for License (DOR-184)

The form is used for renewing your license plates or transferring license plates. If you did not receive your renewal notice in the mail, you may complete and print DOR-184 (Application for License) online or your local contract office can assist you in completing your renewal transaction and provide you with a DOR-184.

By online, it appears they simply mean a fillable PDF and not actually submitting it online.

They also have an e-mail address one can e-mail questions to.

Applecart T. said...

omg, the literalists are here.
cake shall be served.

Applecart T. said...

still have to go to a physical office.
courtesies, conveniences, modern baloney, stickers to steal, requirements other states don't have, etc.