Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More color things

Maybe they are all trying to be unique,  but I've read that Michelle Obama's outfit yesterday (not the ball gown) was pale gold with chartreuse undertones, lemongrass-colored, and soft maize.  Another publication just said chartreuse.  Not very specific.  I guess pale gold and maize are the same, but the first citation's writer later switches opinion to marigold.

It's interesting that clothing description is an occupation.  And that the people doing it can't even agree.  Perhaps colors are not the kind of facts you can pin down with specific names.  What would Pantone say?

It cracks me up, too, that they talk about how the J Crew gloves were the "low" mix-in item that balanced out the designer clothes or showed some kind of character point. Yes, whatever!

Also, the kids' clothes were designed and made especially for them; it's not like they went in to the Crewcuts at the mall and bought those cute things off the rack.  Blah!

Tomboy is as close as KC plebes might get, but only since there is a $25/$50/$100 sale going on right now (through Saturday).  We can say we're supporting local business or being like Michelle Obama or whatever the heck else is necessary in order to justify it.  Then we can all write about each other's clothes and feel fancy and special.


DKC said...

I think most of the garment pundits watched the inauguration just like the rest of us... on TV or streaming on the internet.. in which case color description is not only subjective but also affected by the color balance of the screen or monitor.

Applecart T. said...

Ah, yes, nothing like first-hand observation. Silly of me to presume that my reporters were using that instead of monitors. After all, if they can outsource news to India (where reporters watch meetings online, for example, instead of going to city hall), I guess I have to readjust my standard.

Susan said...

kinda wish it had been lemongrass with a scratch-n-sniff option - that stuff smells good!

Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. said...

What? The kids weren't wearing the same Crew everyone else wears, the clothes made in China? I'm a bit disappointed. I'd like to see the First Family dress for at least ONE state function by wearing clothes purchased at a second-hand shop. That'd certainly reflect the reality of many Americans.