Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taking bets

I'm not kidding.
and B.
I would like to request guesses for the amount of cash I might make with a spray bottle (and refill plan), newspaper and a squeegee at 39th and Troost.
Or, you can pick the intersection, and I will choose them at random so you can't come and watch.


m.v. said...

You can take bets on how long before you get assaulted

Applecart T. said...

Is it in hours or minutes? People are not as evil as you think. Then again, I'm playing the immunity game. What would an assault gain said assaulter?

(Does your bet change if I have armed guards?)

m.v. said...

I don't think your potential income affords armed guards. People are evil. It's a fact.

DKC said...

I'm not sure you'd make anything... most cars in that area don't have windshields... maybe you could do glasses. Now, if we're talkin' spray bottle and t-shirt (so to speak) were lookin' at investment grade income.