Monday, February 02, 2009


This guy can swim really fast … and someone took a photo that they claim shows him (A), and that shows "him" with a pipe in his mouth that allegedly (photos are not scratch-n-sniff, you know) contains pot, which he allegedly (C) inhaled. It was in November; no drug test is going to find that now (he shaves all his hair, you know!), unless he's smoking all the time.

If he's guilty of anything, it's of unmitigated honesty (for admitting it). And the people who shared it and especially who took the photo are lame.  I side with the honest guy as having better principles.  Bad judgement, sure. 

It's not like he was shot accidentally in the head while posing with a gun … a 17-year-old KCMO boy died January 29 while sitting in a car in his driveway with a friend, who is (still) 16; they had gotten high and gone out to the car to listen to music.

They had the 17-year-old's mom's 9 mm and were using it as a cell-phone photo-prop, which they didn't think to unload or engage the safety on … earlier in January, another 16-year-old around here got drunk with friends and was shot and killed while he and friends were posing for cell-phone-photos outside their house, proving stupidity knows no intoxication prejudice.


hearmysong said...

that was my thought too--who sold him out?

jeez, he's 23. give him a break alraedy. he said he wants to eat and do whatever because he's been "in training" for so freaking long.

Susan said...

hear hear - holy cow can people just please (a) frigging take a lude (oh except that's a drug too :) and (b) outlaw guns already?????

Anonymous said...

SNL had a good point: when the kid who idolizes him says,"we'll he can do it, why can't i?" the response: "sure, right after you win 12 gold medals and set x amount of world records."