Monday, February 23, 2009

There was nothing

I woke myself up at 4 by being nervous about something that doesn't even have nervous-inducements attached.

So now I'm tired.

I had to be someplace by 8:30 a.m., and when one is out of practice with getting up and finished before the technical first coffee break of the regular working world, apparently it's enough … especially when one (who is this one?) is also out of practice with being nervous about things to the extent that sleep is truncated.

Coffee now, post-8:30 a.m. event … on to next mandatory task-set. As usual, not sure where to begin. Structure is lacking. Laziness is akin to dizziness but really is more related to inertia.

And caffeine doesn't really do anything.


I'm tired.

My blog has been reduced to a status-report dumping-ground. Let's protest that one has-a-life and isn't just a pile of liquid non-ambitions:

I'm in the middle of three books (two non-fiction), a freelance project about such fun as the holiday of the moment and such dull as Civil War leaders (though, hey, it's my favorite era, isn't it?) and the usual stuff that is hard to define because nothing has been usual for months.

I mentioned that structure was lacking.

Need to build fences for my thoughts and corral things along with timers and whips if necessary.

Not sure if the rustlers are out of the area yet, though.

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