Saturday, April 25, 2009

Discovery-new second:
you can beat up two eggs in a big coffee cup,
and microwave them for about a minute-45 —
the end result is a fluffy thing like what goes in an
Egg McMuffin (and no mess or gadgets!);
I'm in no condition to drive
and so no Wendy's Fresquit (sic / sp?) for me …
Ketchup, fresh-ground pepper and a cholesterol- and potassium-rich meal
are alright.
Thus barketh the dogs.  Robins have stopped finally.
Milo says hi.
Finally met Elijah Gowin (Peter).
Starlings and crows; people are upset about art school evolution.
No one likes change; liberal arts are where it was once at.

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chuong doan said...

Frescuits are the best maaaan! But don't make the mistake of complicating the order at the Main St Wendy's. They f'up my order EVERY TIME.