Saturday, April 04, 2009

True or False

(You have a 50% chance … )

"Has not bought sugar for months.

"Sees 'sugar' for $1.89 a pound and chooses it over the C&H at $1.99 a pound … 

"Eventually hurls useless impulse product out back door to see if opossums give a rat's ___; then, apparently hurls an orange (desiccated and useless but for to harass dog) that went south of the sucre … in case (more than) 'nothing really matters …'"



m.v. said...

sugar - useless?

Hyperblogal said...


Applecart T. said...

Opossums didn't care. Sugar is very useful — however, so are things to throw (that won't complain or file lawsuits in the morning). They should have me come to work 7 days a week … then this sort of thing wouldn't happen. I wonder if the $1.99 C&H sugar would have met the same fate.