Saturday, May 30, 2009

She remembered that today

she saw one of the urban red-tailed hawks emerge low-flying (her height) from a parking lot south of 21st and Her-Aunt's-Name-Street this morning, just a few feet away and back and forth through her walking-point, on the way to work.

The aftermath was her walking dressed in black in the increasing sun wondering how her near-sighted squint was affecting the kept-looking-over fellow-with-headphones who was, by her intention, two one-directional lanes away, when she noticed a small black spider on her left hand … hawk had been on left and was almost audible … no one is claiming to have heard the movement of a miniscule arachnid.

Left, left, west or left.  It's funny to pretend to listen to Spirit Animals.

The missing element would have been a snake, obviously (to anyone who has been with me a while), but they are quite rare in cities.

She should be moving pavers in the front yard at some point this summer and shall be charmed to greet that little garden fellow again; and she will let you know.  (S/he's very difficult to photograph.)

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Applecart T. said...

Actually it was yesterday / Friday, and today, while she was pulling weeds from the "garden," she came across its shed skin by a cinder block. Getting kind-of biggish. Skins are too creepy / would rather see real snake.