Saturday, August 08, 2009

Laundry was accomplished. House-scraping was not.

Wireless router was accomplished. Configuration was not. (It worked until disc was applied … now I know why so many people give up on not putting passwords on their signals … we thank you, neighbors, but we curse the perpetual incompatibility of hardware — why can't it be more like putting a Porche engine into a VW bus? It's not like we're cross-breeding Apples and Dells. If Dell were a fruit, what would it be?)

There was a spider living between the wall and the spice-tray. I removed it from the jar of rub (the one with the lounging pig on it, which a former neighbor gave to us, at least two years ago) to the storage porch, where it should find plenty of yummy trash flies, perfectly sized and ready to eat. I did clear up in there, but some flies are very smart about hiding. I am so sick of maggotty things, however, that I am nearing action.

It is nothing as active as all those people doing the Tour of Kansas City today or the Komen Cancer run tomorrow, and it is not all that important, as long as the municipality continues to collect trash on a weekly basis. We do use our two-bag limit (one bag is covering the week-old one that hosts many lifeforms by Sunday evening), and I love the recycling bin because it never contains rotting food.

There are a few "dust spiders" in my room; these are the blonde things that remind me of sea crabs and usually live in joints where walls or window-moldings meet walls. I can't mind them. I do mind the cat hair, and so it's a wonder anything has a chance to settle down at all. Songs of Innocence: sweep! sweep!

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It would be pineapple... what else?