Friday, September 25, 2009


The double entendre (when not Freudian, when MW definition #1 and not 2) is my favorite.

No, I am not tending to anyone with influenza, but I am contemplating pretending I've been virus-ridden for the past four days.

Too much evidence in the e-world and real world exists to the contrary, though, so I'm left with no real reasons for why I have not been able to come out and play, or work, or stay in and work, or barely do anything but bathe, eat too much and misbehave.

I made a meeting Monday and I made an opening Tuesday. I went to work Tuesday. School Monday was cancelled but I worked on school anyway. I have kept up with dishes and pets. I am going to a baby shower and will fix food for that tomorrow.

A bit of time has gone by … the inbox is down to 126, with about 100 of them flagged to transmit/enter … another six or so in process of replying … coffee did not help (but to create a freaky ovarian-ish cramp for an hour); I am still tired and bored at heart and discouraged.

Glad I don't have to go "cover" the American Royal parade in the morning.

Sad I missed a personal deadline … when it's every Wed/Thurs/Fri, it's tiresome, and obviously, I'm not that sad about it / since when does sadness serve as a motivator … You would think that I'd even have jumped at the opportunity to create invoices so as to receive (portional) money "for" the past 14 weeks, wouldn't you? In my head, I know that tomorrow is soon enough, that it's not the end of anyone's world, that I'm human and can pretend I can use that for an excuse just this once.



Grocery store is a great place for the anti-social and spacey, but it's dangerous b/c weekly calorie-count is way up and stomach is not working correctly, despite adding lots of vegetables and avoiding rice.



Nick said...

seasonal torpor blocks my heart, much as halitosis bedevils others' souls. deep into february (or as deep as february gets); books, books, books and books. i don't write. tea is a chore. i'd sigh but, well, you know...usually one day i discover that some part of me experienced an epiphany without letting the rest of me in on it and, as it turns out, i might as well get on with things. misbehaving is always a positive sign. next up, showers, cleaner clothes and the magical mending of the laptop's webcam: hey, look, nick is alive, where you been, boy? this year i look forward to the swine flu; an actual reason would be a change.

Bill said...

Definitely agree with the statement about the supermarket - great place for the spacey and anti-social. Nothing better than to be shopping at 2 in the morning at an all-nighter. It gets even better when you're in a big city like Boston - talk about spacey. Hordes of spaced out people on a munchies binge at 1 AM - its like a scene from 'Night of the Living Dead'.